Current information on FABFOLK.COM

fabfolk.com is currently down aka hijacked by some Asian entity. We are working on restoring the domain. All Google domain data (email, docs etc.) are safe and can be accessed via http://account.google.com where you log in with your @fabfolk.com email address.

Many email relays don't forward mails to the @fabfolk.com accounts for the time being as the hijacker has swapped the email handling to their own servers.

Regular updates at https://fabfolk.wordpress.com

For the time being

  • some email sent to fabfolk.com via gmail.com still arrives at fabfolk.com
  • you can still fetch your fabfolk email by fetching it from {pop|imap}.gmail.com rather than fabfolk.com
  • you can access your google docs etc. via myaccount.google.com 
  • you should temporarily use another email address for communication

This situation is probably going to last some time.

2010 08 20 798 By Frosti
image by Frosti Gíslason, 2010

Welcome to the International Fab Lab Association

The International Fab Lab Association is an association of individuals interested in and/or involved in the Fab Lab community. It is a democratic organization run by its members.

Membership benefits

  • be part of the global community of Fab Lab users
  • have access to the list of all Fab Lab users world-wide
  • receive regular newsletters that keep you on top of everything happening in the Fab Lab world
  • regional meet-ups of Fab Lab users
  • and more to come ...


Axel Sylvester, Betty Barrett, Carlos Pedreros Baita, Cesar Garcia Saez, Katie Rast, Mario Parade, Nicolas Lassabe, Peter Troxler, Sherry Lassiter



Bank relations
Triodos Bank, Zeist, The Netherlands, IBAN NL20 TRIO 0254 3246 57, BIC TRIONL2U
PayPal fablab_association@fabfolk.com.

Chamber of Commerce NL 53099230