Newsletter September 2013

The last year has seen many changes and realignments in the global fab lab network. One significant development announced at FAB9 this year is that the Fab Foundation has come online, is funded, and is building fab lab network infrastructure and working to support existing and future fab labs in ways that lay foundations for future growth and sustainability. 

We've also seen that one of our primary network users groups, Fab Folk, has gone silent due to its founders being otherwise engaged in their lives.

The International Fab Lab Association Board too is thinking of realignment, to better serve this vibrant community. We believe our mission is shifting towards more and better support for users and opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, exchange and development. 

In anticipation of this move, we at the board decided to postpone our annual meeting to after this announcement. 

Now, it is time to reconsider the role of the Association in the light of these developments and to give it a firm place in the Fab Lab ecosystem. We will hold our annual meeting online on the first weekend of October. This gives you time until September 19th to give us your input for the meeting:

  1. As Lindi Mphuthi, Alex Schaub and Chris Jackson have left the board in 2012/13 due to other commitments, we can accommodate new board members. If you wish to become a member of the board, please state this in an email to, indicating in a few sentences what you would commit yourself to do for the association as a member of the board.
  2. We have been in talk with Fabfolk about a possible co-operation or merger, and we will propose to the meeting that the boards of both organisations shall work together towards a morph -- that is, if you, the members of the association, agree with this plan.
  3. If you would like the meeting to discuss / vote on any other topic, please let us know by September 19th. 

After September 19th, we will get back to you with the refined agenda for the online meeting. We will provide a space for discussions during the time leading up to the meeting. And we will provide an online voting platform as last year.


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