Newsletter - July 2012

This is the July 2012 Newsletter of the International Fab Lab Association. We will inform you about what is happening in our association and abroad and how you can participate. Feel free to forward it further!


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  • FAB8 New Zealand - Are you ready?
  • FabFuse Grassroots Conference
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From the board

From left to right: Alex, Betty, Hiro, Lass, Pieter, Axel, Lindi, Peter

In our board meeting via Skype on July 13th, we felt the Fab8 event coming closer including our second annual General Members Meeting. We  are preparing a balanced view and proposals on how to proceed in serving the Fab Lab community. We really want to reflect the whole Fab Lab Community. Now is a good time to ask your friends and partners if they want to be member of the association!

As 1/3 of our board is replaced every year, we are looking for two new board members. Every member can candidate him/herself. You may also "suggest" other people you think would make good board members. We will contact them then. The election of the new board members takes place during Fab8; all members may vote electronically. Of course, we will inform you on all details timely.

Our next board meeting has been scheduled for August 6th. Immediately after the meeting, we will send you the formal invitation for our General Members Meeting. The 6th of August also is the deadline for our August Newsletter which will be published one week later.

FABulous greetings!
Alex, Axel, Betty, Hiro, Lass, Lindi, Peter, Pieter

Picture of the month

July 450
What are you seeing, where on earth is this found and what is its relation with Fab Labs? The answer will be revealed in our next issue. (CC AT NC SA - kiwikeith)

June 225
The picture in the June 2012 issue of our Newsletter showed the 146 m high Fallturm Bremen, a drop tower at the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity ( at the University of Bremen (Germany). It has a 123-metre-high drop tube in which weightlessness can be produced (not for humans). Although Fab Lab Bremen ( does not exist yet as "the physical container for machines and the workspaces for people and projects", most of its activities take place in the shadow of this tower.

FAB8 New Zealand - Are you ready?

Sherry Lassiter published the second edition of a special Fab8 Newsletter (see It is full of information on the 8th annual event of the Fab Lab community in Wellington (New Zealand) from 22-28 August 2012. It stresses the preparations you should start ASAP:

  1. to obtain a visa (if required),
  2. to write a pre-paper (deadline 5 August),
  3. to prepare a presentation on your Fab Lab (special format required, please prepare in time),
  4. to contribute to the exhibition,
  5. to go for the Fab World Cup competition.

Symposium on Digital Fabrication

The Fab8 contains a full day Symposium on Digital Fabrication (Monday, 27 of August, 2012). Here is latest draft of the program:


  • Printing Functional Materials - Jennifer Lewis, University of Illinois (video), Analisa Russo, University of Illinois
  • Bioprinting - Anthony Atala, Wake Forest (video), Robin Levin, Levin Strategic Consulting
  • Living Foundries - Alicia Jackson, DARPA (video)


  • Fabricating Fabricators - Vik Olliver, Diamond Age Solutions, Suz Olliver, Diamond Age Solutions
  • Solar Sinter - Markus Kayser, MIT (video)
  • Rapid-Prototyping and Security - Michael Hopmeier, Unconventional Concepts Inc., Benjamin Mako Hill, MIT, Harvard


  • Share What You Make -- Under the hood at Instructables , Eric Wilhelm, Instructables (video), Saul Griffith, Instructables (video), Bridget McKendry, pixelbrid
  • Ponoko - David ten Have, Ponoko,
  • Prototyping for Design and Construction - Andrew Maher, Arup, James Gardiner, EnExG Laing O'Rourke
  • Fabrication For and In Space - John Hines, NASA (video), TBA, NASA


  • Blurring the Lines Between Physical and Fantastic - JP Lewis, Weta
  • Innovation: Good, Bad, and Ugly - John Kao, Institute for Large Scale Innovation (video), TBA
  • Technology and Refugees - Christopher Earney, UNHCR Innovation (video)
  • Piri Sciascia, Victoria University, Pro Vice-Chancellor Mãori

General members meeting

During Fab8, also the second annual general members meeting of our association will take place. The first session has been scheduled in the afternoon of Friday 24th of August, voting procedures are completely online during the 25-26 of August weekend and we will have a short second session on Tuesday 28 of August to publish the results.

FabFuse Grassroots Conference

FabFuse2012 is the first International Grassroots Fab Lab event. It will be held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands from 8 - 11 August 2012. FabFuse intends to start a body of knowledge and practices for setting up and running the $10K style Fab Lab. Fab Fuse will report the results of their meeting at FAB8. The program of FabFuse ( lists contributions like "How to start a Fab Lab in 7 days with 4 people and about €5000", open CAD solutions, various 3D printing technologies, Laos lasercutter enhancement, the Fab Academy, and a "Hall of shame" to share what went wrong and what we can learn from it! See also:; email:

Upcoming events

For the latest information, check our website at



  • May 2013: eLearning Africa; Windhoek, Namibia;; Pan African conference on all aspects of ict for learning
  • August 2013: FAB9 International Conference; Kamakura, Japan;; 田中浩也 (Hiroya Tanaka)
  • 7-10 December 2013: International conference on ICT and Development; Cape Town, South Africa;; worldwide conference on developing issues / developing countries; evidence based research, best practices and South-South cooperation / exchange on ict and learning, ict and social-economic development


Our association has 152 members (individual persons). If you know people interested in becoming a member, let them fill in the form you find on

There are now 146 Fab Labs. Please, check your ratings at!
Stats July
Contact: Lindi Mophuti.


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