Newsletter - August 2012

This is the August 2012 Newsletter of the International Fab Lab Association. We will inform you about what is happening in our association and abroad and how you can participate. Feel free to forward it further!


  • From the board
  • Picture of the month
  • FAB8 New Zealand - HAERE MAI
  • Extra competition during Fab8 - online participation is possible
  • General members meeting
  • First Fab App launched
  • FabFuse Grassroots Conference
  • Upcoming events
  • Statistics
  • Colophon

From the board

From left to right: Alex, Betty, Hiro, Lass, Pieter, Axel, Lindi, Peter

In our board meeting via Skype on Aug. 6th, extended on Aug. 14th, we were mainly busy with our upcoming general members meeting, preparing our annual report and making plans for the coming year, etc.. Please check the following: 1. On 8th of August, we sent you our formal invitation for our second annual general members meeting; 2. On 18th of August 2012, we sent you the annotated "Agenda of the General Members Meeting". If you missed any of these documents, please notify Peter Troxler ( He then sends you the missing file(s) and checks our records for things to come.

Anyway, all documents related to the general meeting, you can download from our web site ( See the "General Meeting" page in our "Newsroom".

All voting during our general meeting will be e-voting. Ultimately Saturday 25th of August 2012 at noon (NZST = UTC/GMT+11) all members will receive an email with voting instructions. You need to have paid your 2012 annual fee (EUR 20) in order to be able to vote. You can vote until the end of Monday 27th of August 2012 New Zealand Standard Time; note that for many of you that is (much) earlier than may be expected! Again, write immediately, if you did not receive e-voting instructions.

We are looking for two new board members. We have one candidate until now, more are more than welcome!

Our next board meeting has been scheduled for September 10th. That date also is the deadline for our September Newsletter which will be published one week later.

FABulous greetings!
Alex, Axel, Betty, Hiro, Lass, Lindi, Peter, Pieter

Picture of the month

August 450
What are you seeing, where on earth is this found and what is its relation with Fab Labs? The answer will be revealed in our next issue.

July 250
The picture in the July 2012 issue of our Newsletter showed the The Beehive, the common name for the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings, in Wellington, seat of Fab8. (CC AT NC SA - kiwikeith)

FAB8 New Zealand - HAERE MAI

Wellington 450
Sunny afternoon, bay view, hilly streets with wooden houses in various colours, and a cable car! San Francisco, no, this is Wellington, New Zealand, on the day before Fab8!

Fab8 is ready to start. The annual full week conference is hosted this year by the Creative Campus of Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. The program starts on Wednesday 22 August at 7:30 in the morning with a "Mihi Wakatau", a Maori welcome ceremony for foreign visitors. The end will be one full week later, on Tuesday 28 August in the late afternoon. The full program may be found at It is very rich and varied, too much to summarize in a condensed form here. To follow Fab8 from a distance and online, read about policy and options in Fab8 Newsletter #3, also copied on our web site (Newsletters-page).  Happy Fab8!

Extra competition during Fab8 - online participation is possible

Always a little bit jealous when your friends are gaming while you are trying to solve a nasty Fab problem? Now we have our own massive multiplayer online game! From now until 28 of August, you have to convince as many Fab folk as possible to become a member of the International Fab Lab Association. Therefore we added an extra field at the end of the online application form. If the new member writes your name there, you earn points. The winner will receive a free copy of a highly desired book.

For every new member you can stimulate to apply, you earn TWO points. If you manage to find a Fab Guru and/or CBA Staff member who is not a member yet and make him/her a member, you earn FIVE points. When the new member pays his/her annual fee (2012: EUR 20) before Fab8 ends, the number of POINTS WILL BE DOUBLED.

Tip: to improve your chances, use our new Fab App (see below) to increse your speed.

The name of the winner will be published in our next Newsletter!

General members meeting

During Fab8, also the second annual general members meeting of our association will take place. The first session has been scheduled in the afternoon of Friday 24th of August, voting procedures are completely online during 25-26-27 of August (New Zealand Standard Time!) and we will have a short second session on Tuesday 28 of August to publish the results. Note that voting only is possible if you have paid your 2012 fee (EUR 20). Invitation and agenda have been sent to the members, already. All information also can be retrieved from the "General Meeting" page on our web site (

First Fab App launched

Yes, we have our first App for iPad. And of course, you have to make it yourself. Here are the instructions:

  1. Open your iPad and start Safari.
  2. Copy the following hyperlink to the address field of Safari:
  3. Press the export button (to the left of the address field).
  4. Click "Add to Home Screen".
  5. Change the name to "Fab App".
  6. Press "Add".

The Fab App will offer you an exciting competitive advantage in our massive online game (see above)!

FabFuse Grassroots Conference

FabFuse2012, the first International Grassroots Fab Lab event, took place in Amersfoort, the Netherlands from 8 - 11 August 2012. The meeting attracted about 50 participants mainly from The Netherlands, but also from Germany, France, and Italy. The program offered a variety of presentations and workshops in two tracks during three full days. Go to and find out yourself. The LineUp page lists all the contributions and offers hyperlinks to underlying slides and notes, also from the participants.

Upcoming events

For the latest information, check our website at



  • May 2013: eLearning Africa; Windhoek, Namibia;; Pan African conference on all aspects of ict for learning
  • August 2013: FAB9 International Conference; Kamakura, Japan;; 田中浩也 (Hiroya Tanaka)
  • 7-10 December 2013: International conference on ICT and Development; Cape Town, South Africa;; worldwide conference on developing issues / developing countries; evidence based research, best practices and South-South cooperation / exchange on ict and learning, ict and social-economic development


Our association has 158 members (individual persons). If you know people interested in becoming a member, let them fill in the form you find on

There are now 149 Fab Labs. Please, check your ratings at!
Stats Aug12
Contact: Lindi Mophuti.


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