What is it in essence

Video by Susarottenmeier, 2009.

A Fab Lab, short for Fabrication Laboratory, is a workshop for digital fabrication that:

  • is free and open to the public, although direct expenses like materials used maybe charged;
  • subscribes to the Fab Charter and has its text on display on site and web site;
  • disposes of a common set of core tools and processes (and maybe even more);
  • contributes to and/or cooperates with many other Fab Labs and takes part in or leads network initiatives.

Such a Fab Lab is rated AAAA. If it does not comply with any of these four characteristics, lower ratings (B or C) may apply, the lowest being CCCC. The Association stimulates these Fab Labs to develop in the direction of AAAA.

Please, note that apart from these basic and more or less common characteristics each Fab Lab has its own identity. They attract their own categories of users and offer their own range of services. They may work for youth, for social and community development, as part the curriculum in schools, focused on architecture, intertwined with the local creative industry, etcetera.

See also: Fab Charter
See also: Common set of tools and processes