How to start one

As the conditions for every Fab Lab are different and the degrees of freedom are many, there does not exist a blueprint for creating new Fab Labs. A good starting point nevertheless is visiting other Fab Labs and talking with them.

Note also that many Fab Labs offer a variety of workshops and courses that might be relevant for people like you. At the international level the Fab community also offers international bootcamps on tools and processes (5-10 days, at the same time in many locations) and the International Fab Academy (5 months, half time, at the same time in many locations).

Also regional Fab foundations might be of great help. In general, Fab Labs follow the following life cycle:

  • Planning - Your orientation may trigger you to initiate a group of people who are going to plan a Fab Lab. As soon as you reach that point we recommend you to register on the official Fab Lab register with status "planned". From then, you are visible for the rest of the Fab Labs (and the world).
  • Developing - Once you migrate from the planning stage to the development stage, you again may update your status on the list of Fab Labs.
  • Operating - As soon as you go live, you may determine the rating of your Fab Lab and make that public. The ratings range from "CCCC" (lowest) to "AAAA" (highest). Note that regional organizations may have their own registration procedure.

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