General Meeting 2013

This is the official agenda page for the General Meeting of the International Fab Lab Association 2013.

The meeting has been held from 19 September 2013 (start of the online discussion at!forum/association-members) until 4-9 (extended) October 2013 (online).

It is time to reconsider the role of the Association in the light of the recent developments in the FabLab community (see Newsletter September 2013) and to give the Association a firm place in the Fab Lab ecosystem. 


  1. Report on 2012 (minutes from past annual meeting, activities, financial); 
  2. As Lindi Mphuthi, Alex Schaub and Chris Jackson have left the board in 2012/13 due to other commitments, we can accommodate new board members. If you wish to become a member of the board, please state this in an email to, indicating in a few sentences what you would commit yourself to do for the association as a member of the board.
  3. We have been in talk with Fabfolk about a possible co-operation or merger, and we will propose to the meeting that the boards of both organisations shall work together towards a morph -- that is, if you, the members of the association, agree with this plan.
  4. Membership Fee 2014.
  5. We have had no other formal proposals to the agenda by September 19th. 

Topic 1: Report on 2012

Minutes from General Meeting 2012

The annual meeting took part online and in two sessions in Wellington during Fab8. In the second session, the results of the voting were presented by Pieter van der Hijden.

These results are available here from this site.

Pieter van der Hijden declared Chris Wilkinson as elected to the board.

Lindy Mophuti presented the summary of the Charter discussion. This is available here: NNN. It was also declared that the board would decide if an extra e-vote on a new version of the Fab Charter should be taken.

The recording of the meeting is available at The meeting starts at about 2:03:00 of the recording and ends at 2:15:10.


In 2012 the association has grown to 200 members by the end of the year. We held the annual meeting both onine and during Fab8 in Wellington.

Following the meeting in Wellington, the board decided to also accept Nicolas Lassabe and Katie Rast to the board. 

We proposed amendments to the charter at Fab8. After a private discussion with Neil where he included some points in the October 20, 2012 version, the board abandoned the plan to hold an e-vote on the charter.

We started the Fab Lab research group for Fab 8.

We remained in contact with our members through 10 newsletters and added content to the members-only part of our site.

Financial Statement

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2013 (unitl July)
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Accounts 2012 Accounts 2013(July)

Voting Results

  1. Do you approve the minutes of the general meeting 2012?
    Yes: 38
    No: 1
    No answer: 14
    The minutes are approved.
  2. Do you approve of the annual report for 2012?
    Yes: 38
    No: 1
    No answer: 14
    The annual report for 2012 is approved.
  3. Do you approve the financial report of 2012?
    Yes: 36
    No: 1
    No answer: 16
    The financial report of 2012 is approved.

Topic 2: New Board Members

We have 8 new candidates for the 3 vacancies on the board. Their candidature statements are at the relevant topic of the discussion forum at!topic/association-members/Vvfa6xOqthQ where you can get in touch with them directly. Here is a summary:

Cesar Garcia Saez
Photo Cesar Garcia
I would be interested to join the board and contribute to the improvement of fab user experience. I've read the proposed topics and I'd like to contribute in the following areas:
I would be interested to join the board and contribute to the improvement of fab user experience. I've read the proposed topics and I'd like to contribute in the following areas:
-Improving shared knowledge about safety and procedural best practices to reduce injuries, wasted time and materials.
-Creating a shared pool of replicable projects among fablabs based on requirements and materials, expressed into a machine readable/semantic format (like FabML).
- Developing transnational projects that involve several fablabs, working at their own pace, on common goals.
- Contributing to Fab10 Barcelona, engaging Spanish and Fablab International assocations to present advances during 2013/2014 period.
- Contacting users to gather use cases for fablab usage, including them in the regular newsletter.
- (Optional) Engaging FabAcademy alumni to create a community to share projects, inspiration and advice.
I've been exploring this topic with other fellow fablabbers in different times and places, but I feel it could create a bigger improvement under the Fablab Association guidance.
Hugh Schuett I would be interested in joining the International Fab Lab Association board.
- I’m new and just starting a fab lab. We are planning on a soft opening this fall in Omaha Nebraska USA.
- Being new, I have an open mind, no pre-defined ideas on how things should be. Just want to see a successful community of inventors, entrepreneurs and teachers.
- I believe completely in an open repository for projects, classes and individuals who are the experts.
- Community and business partnerships could help us thrive.
- Funding and sustainability seem to be large but hidden issues.
- Fab lab video network – more utilization and maybe even a generic schedule of who’s on and when.
I've just begun to make friends and figure things out in the fab world and already I see a big need for resources for new and developing fab labs.
Roberto Vdovic
I would be interested to participate the International Fab Lab Association board.
I started fab lab this summer, still working hard :).
Fablab is devoted to promote digital fabrication to all professionals and individuals based on open philosophy ... Digital fabrication for all:)
Projects we are planning are oriented to bring together enthusiast, inventors and experts from various profession to open new fields and applications using new exciting technology. We are also target various social groups to improve their status and integration in society. Digital fabrication to make life easier :)
I believe that fablabs important role in community can be improved/extended with intensive and more organized collaboration between fablabs what might result easier application on broad wide projects for funding, research,exchanges, opening new frontiers. we might benefit from both sides when this is necessary. We rise individualy but we can be stronger together!
Those are few thoughts which might be interested for further activities of Fab Lab Association.
Carlos Pedreros Baita
Carlos Pedreros
I think that the main issue is that some of us want to achieve certain changes:
Since in some local contexts the template does not work properly and we have to adapt it to our respective reality. This implies that in order to raise some funding for lab implementation governmental organizations somehow are already used, but as they have a previously defined agenda and do not necessarily point to an efficient and self-sustaining model, the idea that the fab as an inter and multidisciplinary confluence means that we should be able to solve problems and generate effective and efficient educational and business models that allow greater autonomy. Come on fellows!! we are creative, passionate, caring, smart but mostly out of the box thinkers and makers and we do really have the potential to change our world and teach others how to share our dreams as we do with tools and information to build knowledge and make beautiful things together. As an artist and teacher my goal, joining the board, is to empower new generations of fabbers in my country and abroad that can make significant contributions.
In order to provide knowledge to the next generations of fabbers in Peru and abroad, I am very committed and involved in developing new teaching strategies. Since my experience teaching art basics to all level students (elementary, middle, high and superior) I have noticed that many concepts and practices related to the science and humanities are better understood by artistic approaches. This guide is now available in Spanish / English but I want to make it more accessible. Even if I do not join the board, I hope that with the help of everyone interested in spreading this dream will make inputs that will multiply the number of pages.
Christoph Laib
Christoph Laib Portr Sw
As an early player in the FabLab ecosystem i want apply for the board. I'm a experienced serial entrepreneur and passionate networker.
(Co) Founder of FabLab Zurich and Atelier im Sandkasten. The BlueLab in the BlueLion ( Incubator in Zürich ) is under construction and will go live begin 2014.
Anthony Kelly
I would be interested in joining the new Board. For the last year or so, I have been working with a colleague to set up a FabLab in Ireland's only ecovillage. I will be working full-time in this from the end of October and see participation in an International Fab Lab Association as being an important part of our work.
I have experience of being a member of various professional and voluntary boards for many years and would be willing to be as involved as possible.
Our Lab will work to investigate the benefits of a Green FabLab and community work space to a rural ecovillage. The centre's values are defined by a real commitment to the central principles of sustainability, local livelihoods, open access and ecological integrity.
I would like the association to also work to highlight the practical benefits of a FabLab to those not familiar with the concept.
Monica Pedro Fab Labs Association, which I belong to as representative of YDreams, has quite the same objectives as mentioned in this newsletter: “support the building of fab lab integrated network infrastructure and working to support existing and future fab labs in ways that lay foundations for future growth and sustainability” Our mission is to promote the existence of an Fab Lab network in Portugal, acting in all dimensions need to create the maker’s and open innovation culture that would emerge from here.
This year I’d been immersed for a month in Fab Lab Barcelona, just to sense and feel how it should work a Fab Lab both at local and global levels. If I already believed that Fab lab’s are a truly democratization strategy, now I’m more convicted but I’ve got another beleave: that would only work and be an effective revolution if we do this in tight cooperation with international network, if we do this in synchronization with world movement.
So, since today I’m in a position with allows me easily to mobilize all Portuguese Fab Labs (by today we already count on 6 spaces quite well equipped, 4 of them operating on a daily basis, and I know about 3 or 4 more to open until end of the year), I present myself as candidate to be board member.
Mario Parade I would be interested in joining the International Fab Lab Association board. Iḿ the Founder of the FabLab Potsdam in Germany. The FabLab is a sub project of the science shop Potsdam. One of our goals is building bridges between the academic world and civil society in both directions. Our current main focus are projects in the fields "citizen science" , "lifelong learning" with older people , working with refugees and finding ways to make fablab more sustainable in a ecological way and the way to use more open source hardware machines.
I'd like to contribute in the following areas:
- fablabs as a community engaged learning center with the focus of STEM-Education (or better STEAM - Science technology engineering arts mathematics)
- future of fablabs in a sphere of hackerspaces, open workshops, makerspaces ...
- differences in the work of fablabs for instance in urban areas / villages or hight industrial countries / developed countries
- setting up international projects to support the fablab infrastructure
- how can a fablab contribute to urban infrastructure like social community building in urban districts / local production cycles / new kind of work (together)

Results of the elections

Carlos Pedreros Baita

23 votes


Cesar Garcia Saez

20 votes


Mario Parade

19 votes


Anthony Kelly

14 votes


Monica Pedro

14 votes


Roberto Vdovic

13 votes


Christoph Laib

10 votes


Hugh Schuett

6 votes


No answer



None of the candidates has attracted more than 50 % of the votes. The board will decide to accept members to the board who have not reached this threshold but scored reasonably high in the election.

In its meeting 21 October 2013 the board decided to formally accept Carlos Pedreros Baita, Cesar Garcia Saez and Mario Parade as full members to the board and to also include all the other candidates in future meetings and discussions (without formal voting power).

Topic 3: Morph with FabFolk

We have seen that one of our primary network users groups, Fab Folk, has gone silent due to its founders being otherwise engaged in their lives. The International Fab Lab Association Board is thinking of realignment, to better serve this vibrant community, we believe our mission is changing, (to support users and opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaboration and giving Fab Lab users a voice). In anticipation of this move (or re-alignment), we have been in talk with Fabfolk about a possible co-operation or merger, and the Fabfolk board signaled that a morph is in their interest and has agreed to cooperate on such a morph.

We propose that the boards of both organisations shall work together towards a morph and present the corresponding plans to the members for decisions in due course; ideally for the annual meeting in 2014.

Voting Results

Do you agree that the board of the Fab Lab Association shall work together with the board of Fabfolk towards a morph and present the corresponding plans to the members for decisions in due course; ideally for the annual meeting in 2014?

Yes: 43
No: 3
No answer: 7

The proposal is accepted.

Topic 4: Membership Fee 2014

Change dues structure to reflect a lower general rate of dues for all members to 10 Euros a year payable in January or at the time the member joins. An additional level of payment at 20 Euros will be set to allow members who choose to do so to increase their contribution to the organization.

Voting Results

Do you agree to set the annual fee to EUR 10, with a supporter level fee of EUR 20?

Yes: 39
No: 3
No answer: 11

The proposal is accepted.

Overall Statistics

Out of 303 members on our list, 82 had paid their membership fees for 2013 before the closing of the online voting and were therefore able to vote. 53 members took part in the online voting (of which 5 only partially). Full results are available in this file.