Fab Ecosystem

The Fab ecosystem is an ever changing and adapting and not always clear complexity of people, local, regional and global organizations.


People are the most important drivers of the Fab ecosystem. They run the Fab Labs, the regional and the worldwide organizations. Some of them are paid, others are volunteering. For all of them Fab Labs are important, although the reasons why might differ. To mention just a few: digital fabrication, the triumph of technology, tools to the people, empowerment, open design now, community development, inventing new products to solve global problems, connecting scholars, promoting standardization, hands-on learning and raising interest for STEM education. Some people focus on their own Fab Lab only, many take part in cooperation between Fab Labs and/or the activities at a regional or worldwide level.

For a list of people (as far as they are members of the International Fab Lab Association), see the Member Pages on this web site.


The core processes of the Fab ecosystem take place in the Fab Labs and in the local organizations with which they directly interact, both their "clients" and their "suppliers". The clients are organizations like community centers, schools, local associations of crafters, local guild of inventors etc. They, as well as individuals, use the services from the Fab Labs. The suppliers are organizations like the municipality, Chamber of Commerce, a museum, etc. who help the Fab Labs and/or their services up and running. Note, that some suppliers (a school with an embedded Fab Lab), could be a client as well, e.g. by sending its pupils to the Lab.

For an overview of all local Fab Labs, see the list of Fab Labs. For an overview of other local organizations, please contact the individual Fab Labs.

See also: Fab Lab locations.


There exist a range of organizations supporting Fab Labs at regional levels. These organizations might be formal, like USFLN, the United States Fab Lab Network, or informal, like the Group of Spanish Speaking Fab Labs. They can exist for years or for a short period only, e.g. to organize an event.
For a list of regional events, see the Newsroom page (for upcoming events) and the Resources page for past events.

See also: List of Organizations


Organizations supporting Fab Labs at a global level might have a permanent or a temporary character. An example of the former is CBA, an example of the latter the annual Fab conference.

For a list of worldwide events, see the Newsroom page (for upcoming events) and the Resources page for past events.

See also: List of organizations.